2021 Watch Trends

As we get deeper into 2021 territory and some semblance of normality continues to return to the world it’s time to make sure your look is on point and most importantly, current. Believe it or not, trends in the watch industry have continued to evolve and change throughout 2020, sparking excitement for finally making full use of your wardrobe to its fullest potential. So, without further ado, let’s crack straight into our top 7 timepiece trends of 2021.

Blue, it’s time to step aside.

Blue has taken the stage and the ‘go-to’ watch colour for years now, but 2021 has seen a decline in this to allow new colourways a chance at the limelight. There has been a strong pull back to raw materials, with wood, brushed and polished steel and precious metals becoming firm favourites.

Collaborations are king

With the dawn of the influencer, it was only a matter of time until collaborations would come into play. All the big players in the horological industry are partnering up with non-watch brands and  influencers to create truly inspired designs. Here at Tayroc we are no stranger to a collaboration either with some incredible ones on the horizon, so prepare to feast your eyes...

Value for money

It may not be a sexy trend but you can’t argue it. With 2020 being a hot pile of garbage for everyone, purse strings are tighter for everyone - pushing value for money high up the list. It came as a shocker when Rolex and other high end brands hiked up their prices, meaning mid-price brands including Tayroc, MVMT and Vincero really had a chance to shine - showing true value for money.

Minimalism is in.

Moving from strength to strength, minimalist watch styles continue to trend through 2020 and now well into 2021, the sleek uncomplicated style makes it an easy win with most outfits while still making a statement.

There is plenty of choice in the market, all for an absolute steal, including the one of the latest releases by Tayroc, Holte came onto the market at the back end of last year. 

Looking Strapping in 2021

Mesh straps (officially known as Milanese straps) have taken 2021 by storm closely followed by leather. The fine mesh design of Milanese straps create a slick, modern and breathable material that - when done right - means your precious arm hairs remain intact. Along with fully customisable strap length and a great form-fitted feel it’s no surprise that these straps are part of the top watch trend for 2021.

“I’ll stop wearing black when they make a darker color.”

Wednesday Addams knew the score. There has been a lot of exploration in recent years with bright, vibrant colouring as a way of standing out in the crowd, but things have come full circle now. A dark colour palette now, once again, taking the centre stage.

There’s no shortage of choice when it comes to timepieces with a dark theme, from all black designs to slate greys there is plenty to go around!

Timing is Key

The final piece of our 7 trends is of course the watch function itself. From analog and multi-function to Chronograph and smart, there is an ever growing choice and demand from watch brands. No matter how popular smartwatches seem to get though, nothing beats a chronograph for 2021.

Whether it’s functionality or the look and feel, chronographs hold the edge in the popularity contest. You can find these style watches from almost any watch brand globally, including in the Tayroc store with the two latest additions of Hampton and Highlander.