New Years.

I’ve never been more excited going into the turn of a new year. Plans that I said I’d be doing in 2021 are 100% happening in 2022. I’m not getting bogged down with the nonsense that running a brand brings… 2022 I’m driving this brand forward, finally! With a team that is lean, hungry and willing to put this brand back on the map.

2022 is about personality. It’s about letting our audience in. Into the daily goings-on of running this brand. Because that’s what people want, right? It’s easy to make everything look polished on social media. I’m ready to show you the absolute shit show that is running a business 🤣… in a good way.

A podcast is something I’ve talked about for ages. This is starting in Jan. Behind the scenes footage from every one of our staff members. This is happening. The biggest collaboration in the history of the brand. This is happening. A whole new world of watches is coming. Price points are changing. Marketing to make your eyes pop out. We want you to LOL. We want you to share the stories. We want you to be proud to rock that T.

2022 is happening. And you guys are all coming with us.


Creative Director