5 Reasons Why Watches Make The Best Gifts

Considered to be tremendously difficult, but highly rewarding, gift buying is a minefield of options; that poor choice turtleneck one year, the memorable gift of a tv the next, it’s a timeless challenge!

To save you from yourselves we are going to tell you exactly why a watch is the best gift you can get someone near and dear to your heart. To make things even simpler, we have broken it down into 5 reasons, so prepare for a quick read with a helping of wisdom.

  1. It’s Personal
  2. Giving someone a watch shows considerable thought and care, selecting a timepiece that they will likely wear for years to come [link to a blog about watch care]. When you gift someone a watch you are giving them a reflection of themselves which shows compassion and understanding of the receiver. Now that’s a deep gift that won’t be forgotten.

  3. Trends come and go but watches are forever
  4. Why are watches so popular as a gift? Because they are timeless. The double denim came and went along with so many other wild trends, but watches have weathered them all, lending themselves to any outfit with a touch of class and professionalism, nice.

  5. They won’t forget it any time soon.
  6. The tradition of giving a watch is a long held practice, whether it is to celebrate a birthday, a promotion, getting a degree or any other milestone, a watch has always been a must-have gift to mark the moment. With memorable designs that are significant to occasion or an engraved back with a personal message, watches are a reminder of that moment in time.

  7. It’s functional! Even if it stops, it’s still right twice a day.
  8. Yes, it is an incredible fashion statement, but it is more than that, it’s a practical accessory that gives style and class while also making sure you get to the bus, meeting or wedding. Whoever is receiving the watch can thank you later.

  9. It’s covered.
  10. If you grab a Tayroc for that special someone, then their brand new timepiece is covered with a 2 year warranty and easy-to-use returns policy. Giving you peace of mind that they can easily swap it if another watch has caught their eye and we’ve got it covered.