Beer Garden Ready.

Lockdown is lifting, the sun is shining on a crisp, fresh pint. It’s at this point you realise that you have forgotten how to dress after a year of joggers and t-shirts. Don’t worry, we have all been there alongside you. But now it’s time to find your style again and get yourself beer garden ready.

As Menswear Style put it so eloquently in one of their latest articles; You can’t rush through things. A casual look doesn’t mean reaching for the first article of clothing in your draws, it should be a considered approach to look sharp with zero effort.

Simple changes to your outfit can take a look from ‘fell through a pile of laundry’ to casual perfection. 

Colour Coordination

Looking like a patchwork quilt might work for your nan’s sewing circle, but back out in the real world, if you’re looking to make the right impression it can be as simple as finding the right complimentary colours.

Pop some colour in with a neutral palette to stand out in the crowd (in the right way.) It’s also wise to pick colours to suit your skin tone and the season. “Warm” colouring is ideal for spring/summer, whereas the “cool” colour palette is much better suited to autumn/winter.


Nothing can elevate your look to the next level like accessories. Simple fashion statements that have a huge impact. Take your standard jeans and t-shirt look. Drop in a Italian leather belt and Highlander 3 dial chronograph watch coupled with the raw style of an Anchor & Crew bracelet or a piece of Tokyo Time head gear, you’ve suddenly taken your look from rough to a considered statement of luxury and fashion-forward thinking.

Follow your nose

Often overlooked and unrated. You can look like a million bucks but if you smell like a wet badger then you aren’t going to be the life and soul of the party. Finding the right fragrance to suit you and the occasion can be a bit of trial and error, luckily with brands offering online samples such as the Tayroc x Fragrance means you can try before you buy.

When choosing a fragrance, make sure you trial it for a day - or at least 6 hours. As all fragrance is made up of levels;

Top notes - smelt immediately when you spray it

Heart notes - really come into play around the 20 to 60 minute mark

Base notes - the lasting undertones of the fragrance that can be around for days after you have used the fragrance.

Follow these key points and you will take your casual look up to the next gear, showing more personality, depth and style sense, all while looking like it took minimal effort. Casual style, the right way.

Now get out there, soak in the sun and grab your favourite tipple at the bar - you’ve earnt it.