Momento Vivere - Remember To Live.

Life is finite. it’s a simple truth.

So easy to get caught up in the day to day.

Just take a minute, breathe deep and focus.

You only get one shot, so set your goals.

Make plans, stick to your plans.


Every good brand has a motto and ours, is for you.

We want you to live it, breathe it and be the best you.

As we all know, the best mottos are in Latin so here it goes...

Momento Vivere. Remember Life.

Let us explain.
The piece on your wrist should be seen as more than just a way to remember to be at the dentist on time.
It’s about remembering to embrace life for what it is, live in the moment, and thrive.


So, whatever you are striving for. Whether it's climbing your Everest, hanging ten, completing your doctorate or saving the world. Bring us with you so we can celebrate the journey together.

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