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Inspired. Stunning. Captivating.

Corey Crawford (@ccseyes), world acclaimed photographer & videographer based in Sydney, New South Wales. With a history of creating some of the most inspiring travel shots and videos, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity for him to take his professional take on the brand.

Introducing Corey Crawford x Tayroc, The Edit.

Taking six of our most beloved best sellers, we gave Corey full creative freedom to capture the essence of the timepieces and how he perceived them.

What we received was nothing short of a masterpiece. Every image captured another character of the pieces, they are all so good that we have introduced a specific collection to showcase these products with all the images.

So, make sure you check it out here -

Explore each item in the collection to see Corey’s own unique and inspiring shot. 

Show Corey some love and appreciation for his work and other talented artists like him, capturing the magic .

Check out his other shots and projects below.


 Corey Crawford x Tayroc - The Edit