Tayroc Christmas Make Us an Offer

It’s that time of year when the leaves fall off the trees, the school run becomes unpleasant and the kids get warned 34 times a day that if they don’t behave - Santa will bring them coal for Christmas.

Tayroc HQ loves Christmas. Gem one of the owners loses her head and turns the office into a Christmas Grotto. She loves it. Everybody else plays along.

2022 has been an absolute beast of a year for everyone. So much change. So much worry. We’ve felt it too. And is part of the reason why we have come up with the following offer;

Christmas should be a time to be thankful. To spend time with your loved ones. To smile. Have a sherry. Dance.

Christmas shouldn’t be a time to worry. Everyone deserves to be able to give their loved ones a present. And so we are going to make this happen.

This Christmas. If you want anything from Tayroc.com but don’t feel that you can afford… then get in touch and make us an offer for what you can. Is this crazy from a business point of view? Yes. Is Dan (whose idea it is) going to get sacked because of it? No.

Say hello to the ‘Tayroc Christmas Make Us an Offer’ campaign. Because we want to support people in this crazy tough world.

Please send all offers to Dan himself - dan@lidproject.com and he will make it happen.

From everyone at Tayroc.

Merry Christmas.