East Village sun glasses

East Village is a collection of lifestyle products designed with a modern attitude. Our collections are designed with the idea that one’s attitude is what creates style.

The attitude is about how one will wear the style/s or use the product or place the products in their home. The clothing pieces are designed so as to make each piece your own. All designed for those who are comfortable with their sense of style and are looking for something to define it. The design: Architectural details throughout pays homage to the cities that have inspired the collections, NYC and London. Sharp lines, mixed patterns, mixed fabrics and textures creates a collection of versatility with an edge. East Village is a unisex brand, for all ages and those who like showing creativity in their life style, it’s for that aspirational yet relaxed lifestyle that everyone craves.

About our artists & inspirations…

East Village injects some new talent and energy in to the street art scene with the artists who we work with.

One side of our artworks, the native American female portraits, which bring a painterly style, are often found in contemporary art to the street art scene. Earthy tones and harmonious contours have earned our artists’ works places on many an outside space, from the unique Brandalism project to StreetFest and UpFest. And the unique canvases offer a calm feminine approach and emotionally-charged contribution to an art scene predominantly saturated by many a male artist.

"I think a lot of urban art can be visually sharp – I’m not sure if this is due to the male prevalence or part of its makeup but this work definitely brings in a softer female touch with emotion being brought into a sometimes a more aggressive world."

The portraits capture the sense of being, if only for a moment, where the beauty and timelessness of the world come into sharp focus. The women painted are subtle yet strong, bold yet delicate; balancing these contradictions provide the individuality to each of our pieces. They resemble strength also, not only in the females painted but in the culture of her people, their ancestors.

Some of the artworks featured in project Brandalism taking over 35 billboards across 5 cites in the UK & have been mentioned in publications such as The Independent, DW,de and Twistedsifter. Some of the art has travelled to exhibit in Austria, Belgium and Australia exhibiting the work. In 2013 the some of the art had it’s first Solo Show at Curious Duke Gallery in London.

We also work with East London based Textile Designers specialising in contemporary digital design. Key features within the designs are in visual impact that show strong dominating, luxurious prints. The design approach is to combine hand drawn concepts, along with photography to produce original and authentic designs. The inspiration comes from our surroundings including forests, landscapes, and urban city lights to create dream like motifs. We also blend New York City scapes with London City scapes to create some of our East Village images.

East Village View & Responsibility

We always try to incorporate ethical and fair trade principles in our production.
East Village as a brand and on a personal level values and promotes ethical practices in all its endeavours. We have a sense of responsibility and culpability towards all our employees and work partners as well as our environment and of course our customers. We are not mass producing throw away items but making to order high quality products in an environment that is pleasant to work in and nurtures creativity, we work with small teams of people. Some of our lines are limited editions, with this in mind, we hope people will not throw them away, but keep them forever and appreciate them for the artistry as well as the function.

We try to use recycled materials and fabrics wherever we can and are constantly on the look out for new opportunities to use recycled materials for our production. Some of our knitwear is made from recycled polyester, which derives from recycled plastic bottles.

We aim to minimise the use of plastics wherever possible and insist that any plastics used, that do not yet have non plastic replacement options for us to use instead, must always be recyclable.

We aim not to use any animal products and encourage the reduction of animal products usage and cruelty to animals across the world.

We do these things because we genuinely care. Our founder is very conscious of human rights as well as the welfare for the animals and our planet.

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