What’s a watch? Something that tells the time? A fashion accessory? A statement?

What if it’s more?

What if it’s a slice of personality? What if, when people look at your wrist, they get a glimpse of you? Of who you really are? Wouldn’t that make you think differently about a watch?

In 2014, two sets of brothers set out to create a timepiece that was a stylish, affordable and true representation of its wearer.

They set out to build Tayroc.

The company grew fast, orders piled up, and the brand found massive success. But then, as with many scaling businesses, cracks began to appear. Late orders. Poor customer service. Internal struggles. Staffing issues.

Was it the beginning of the end?

Gemma Noble, Managing Director of Lid Project saw an opportunity in the brand. Saw that, despite the mounting struggles, Tayroc still had huge potential. Only this time focussed on inclusivity; on being for anyone, anywhere, no matter their background, race or sexuality. On being a tiny window into the personality of a vast array of unique individuals.

And so, a hefty purchase and takeover later, Gemma and her team got to work on transforming the brand. Taking it to a place it had never been before, whilst opening up the stylish affordability of Tayroc to new markets. To new people.

Because, it was Gemma’s belief that a brand is only as great as its people. Both those working within it, and those supporting and buying from it. And it’s that belief that will carry forward into other Tayroc products, including jewelry and fragrances.

And this? You could say is the first glimpse of a new beginning.

And a Tayroc? Well.

That’s a glimpse into your personality.