6 Ways Your Tayroc is like Fish and Chips

The great British isles are home to an abundance of treasured delicacies, delights and delectables, but none stand so proud or as quintessentially British as fish and chips. That’s why, on the nationally recognised celebration that is Fish and Chip Day in the UK, we are going to tell you precisely why that gleaming Tayroc on your wrist is exactly like fish and chips. Here goes…

  1. Just like the staple british dish, Tayroc watches are British through and through. Designed and distributed from right here in the heart of England, filled with all the years of horological history Britain has to offer, you know you’re getting a true piece of these Sceptred Isles on your wrist.
  2. Just like the heroes that run your local chippy, Tayroc timepieces are crafted with the same pride and passion that goes into making the perfect batter on the finest cuts of fish.
  3. If ever you’ve laid eyes on the undressing of a paper wrapped fish and chips, you, me and Pavlov’s dog will know what we mean when we say that this is how people of true taste and style view a freshly unboxed Tayroc. A feast for your eyes.
  4. We all know they could charge the earth for an incredible plate of batter, fish and potato and we would all still buy it in droves, but we all know that this dish is too divine to keep from the masses. Just like Tayroc watches, it is easily affordable and should be enjoyed by everyone.
  5. It all started in the UK, it’s coveted by every town and word has spread far and wide about it. Just like fish and chips, Tayroc is a globally recognised delight and everyone wants a piece.
  6. If you haven’t had one yet, you know you want one and if you’ve had one before then you will definitely want another. Simply put.

So if that isn’t enough to convince you that Tayroc is just like the legendary dish of our people then we don’t know what will. Don’t believe us? Then you obviously don’t own a Tayroc.